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Technical characteristics: Weigth 4.5-4.8 kg/box. Dimensions of the cardboard box: 16x21x23cm, box with handle. Burning time up to 3-4 hours depending on the particular burner/stove. Briqling is packed on pallets 1150x1000mm, there are 225 boxes per pallet. Typical load: Truckload contains 22 pallets, 45’Magnum ctr contains 24 pallets. Availability: starting from December 1, 2015.


This product consist of Briquettes, timber spacers and wood-wool Kindling  , specifically packed in cardboard box to get heat for one evening long. It is a neat, clean, fully disposable and efficient combo that will burn for up to 3 hrs and will provide blazing parts of briquette for approximately another hour.

Of course – this product is made just from renewable resources and there are no chemicals or anything artificial in this product so it completely ecological. Consumers do not need to take care of recycling of plastic bags like from Firewood Logs of Briquettes, just have this pack & matches to light it up and have nice and consistent heat all evening long.

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