About us

"Premium Quality Firewood from best selected wood species and sustainably managed forests.”

Wooden Soul core values are – to produce and supply customers with Premium Quality products from best selected wood species from sustainably used forests using non waste technologies.

Wooden Soul main products are Premium Quality Firewood, Birch briquettes and Kindling wood for fireplace.

Wooden Soul Premium Quality Firewood due to low moisture content (humidity below 20%) has high heat & energy value, lasting heat capacity, it is also CO2 neutral heating! It is produced using NON waste technology. Our “Clean & Green” packaging in card board boxes is designed to provide clean environment around your fire place and no wasteful materials. Cardboard can be gathered for recycling purpose.

Wooden Soul Premium Quality Birch Briquettes have for around 20% longer burning time than widely marketed softwood briquettes, lasting heat capacity, high heat & energy value 4,7MW/ton, humidity below 10%, ash content below 1%. It is CO2 neutral heating and is produced using Non waste theologies.

Wooden Soul are using only “NON WASTE” technology in our mill. All the wood-waste created during production process like bark, sawdust, planer shavings and other wood residues are used for our on-site boiler plant to get a heat for our kiln drying facilities.

Wooden Soul is brand and quality of LTD “Dižmežs” company that are experts in furniture component, firewood and briquette manufacturing since 1996. Ltd Dizmežs is located in Latvia and is leader in exporting Premium Quality Firewood, Birch briquettes and Kindling wood to all major markets in Europe.